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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)

(Requires GHS with Condition Graphics)

GHS provides a convenient means of viewing the behavior of the various tank types, displaying the status of tank loads for over a range of heel angles together in one picture:

The tank levels shown are the result of accurate calculations based on the 3D model. Likewise the ship's waterplane is true at each heel angle.

This is only one of the many views that DISPLAY STATUS provides.

How was this particular screen generated? The geometry model is the venerable FV.GF that comes in the GHS package. Since it lacks a space for deck water, and we wanted to show off the spilling/filling features of the damage tank type, an approximate deck space was added:

After that, a loading condition was specified, including intact, flooded, and frozen tank types in addition to the damage type applied to the deck tank.

Finally the special form of the DISPLAY STATUS command was issued. The run file is shown below.

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