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The GHS Load Editor (LEw) is an interactive graphical interface that allows you to observe your vessel's response to changes in loading. The spreadsheet-like screen can be switched to show either tank loads or fixed-weight loads by pressing the built-in Tanks or Weights buttons.

After setting up a load condition, you can drop out of the Load Editor and run stability checks. Or you can stay in Load Editor and make use of buttons along the sides of the screen.

You don't see any buttons along the sides of the screen? You make them yourself! It's easy, and they can be made to do almost anything.

Here is a simple example specifying two buttons and the macros that get run when the buttons are pressed.

Images can also be used for buttons. Image buttons may require less horizontal space since they can show two or more lines of information.

Note that the AddWt wizard is being hooked up to a button in this example.

Text buttons are a little easier to make because no image file is required. A GHS run file of only 12 lines created the graphics and wrote the .bmp files for all four buttons shown above. Can you figure out how it was done?

It's easy to get carried away, making buttons for everything, as the example below shows. (Obviously a fishing vessel doesn't need all this stuff).

  • Buttons can be placed on both sides of the screen.
  • You can have buttons in layers (the Damage Stability button above is an example: a right click shows the underlying buttons).
  • Buttons can be multi-lingual.
  • The button template can be changed and refreshed without leaving the Load Editor.
  • Check LOADLEW in the GHS help menu or the manual for all the details.
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