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(New or interesting aspects of GHS that you may not know about)

Part 1
(Requires GHS version 14.50 or later)

The STABILITY command can produce stability reports directly without the need to write LIMIT commands, etc.
For example:
Command: STABILITY SETUP This produces the dialog shown below:
Clicking Energy produces a list of the available energy criteria:
Clicking Options for EN1 allows you to set optional parameters for this criterion. (Checking stability in both directions is easy:)
After selecting options, click Ok, which takes you back to the criterion selection menu:
Clicking EN1 brings up the final dialog box:
Now click Produce the STABILITY command. This puts the actual command in your editor so that you can easily insert it into your Run File:

`Command for stability criterion CFR 170.173(b)
STABILITY EN1 /FSM:2 /FSMup:1 /AngBoth:1

Note: The STABILITY command requires the Advanced Features module. However, the same stability criteria system can be accessed through the CRITER2 wizard (In the Criteria wizard category) even without the AF module.
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