NETPlus allows licenses to float on a network, rather than be tied to a specific machine. Licenses can even roam off the network for a period of independent use. With NETPlus, GHS licenses can be checked out, checked in, and reserved - just like borrowing from a library.

Prior to travel, a GHS license can be loaded onto a networked PC, disconnected from the network, and deployed remotely for a determined amount of time. No more dongles and expiring keys to worry about with NETPlus - the system automatically returns the checked-out license to the library on the due date, so it's available for the next user.

NETPlus gives administrators an optimal tool for deployment and management of a company's GHS software inventory. With the ability to track licenses, administrators can pinpoint active users of GHS. Licenses can be prioritized so that the software can be utilized precisely where needed - an essential tool for project managers. Also, NETPlus provides certainty to administrators that licenses are used in accordance with the licensing agreement.

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