International Marine Software Associates Fastship is a Windows-based ship hull, appendage and superstructure design program, using NURBS surface mathematics for preliminary modeling through final fairing. The designer "sculpts" the surfaces interactively, watching the hull change shape in real time. Complete intact upright hydrostatics are computed, and hulls may be transformed parametrically, by specifying values such as overall dimensions, displacement, LCB and prismatic, block, and midship section coefficients. Fastship is used world-wide for commercial and naval ship design, as well as power and sailing yacht design, and is the only hull design program that combines real-time surface manipulation and parametric design capabilities. NavCad is a naval architect's tool offering an integrated platform to predict resistance and power, and to determine optimum propeller parameters. All aspects of a ship's performance can be evaluated for virtually every type of displacement hull, semi-displacement, planing craft or river barge train, catamaran and auxiliary-powered sailboat. EasyProp is a propeller selection and analysis software developed especially for engine and propeller suppliers, as well as the designers and builders of workboats and pleasure craft. PropCad is a parametric design/drafting tool for the automatic preparation of detailed and dimensioned propeller drawings. GHS is a comprehensive, full featured program addressing virtually every aspect of form, flotation, stability, and longitudinal strength applying to surface and submarine vehicles of all types. Other products are: BHS (Basic Hydrostatics), a medium priced version of GHS answering the needs of many naval architects, BHS/Yacht, a low priced version that applies to constant displacement vessels, GLM (General Load Monitor), a shipboard version and GHS/Salvage, a GHS configuration for use in salvage operations. ShipCam, Cad-Link & NC Pyros together with your choice of CAD program cover all aspects of shipbuilding from the table of offsets through all stages of fairing and lofting to the NC code for burning. Any type of hull can be faired to create a 3-D surface model for lofting all part information, including frames, stringers and decks. Cutouts are inserted automatically into the frames. Surfaces can be expanded to flat plate with all markings and forming templates. CAD-Link for AutoCad users generates 2D drawings from 3D planar parts (e.g. frames, longitudinal bulkheads, brakets) for easy management and detailing of drawings. NC-Pyros Pro converts any CAD drawing to reliable NC-Code. Maestro is a structural design tool which combines finite element analysis, failure mode evaluation and multi-objective structural optimization. Rapid modeling of structure and realistic ship loads enable full ship structural analysis to be an integral aspect of the design process for ships, advanced and high performance vehicles, offshore structures and submarines. Maestro produces an optimum design based on any designer-specified measure of merit such as weight, cost, vertical center of gravity, or any combination of these. Maestro can be used effectively for bth design and structural analysis. Detailed stress analysis is available for details such as corrugated plating, openings and brackets, with automatic fine mesh modeling of any portion of the structure.

The Concept

IMSA is an association of marine computer software developers, providing design and manufacturing solutions to the ship design and shipbuilding industries. From conceptual design to construction, IMSA provides software tools for hull design, hydrostatics, stability, longitudinal strength, resistance, powering, propulsion analysis, structural design and optimization, lofting, plate development and N/C cutting.

The IDF File Standard

IMSA leads in the development and promotion of a non-proprietary hull description file standard (IDF) that can be used in any marine software program requiring hull shape, parameter definition or analysis. The IMSA definition file (IDF) was first presented to the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) Marine Computers '91 Symposium and has since been adopted by commercial marine software packages and end users around the world. The IDF File Standard transfers hull data between any of the IMSA products with the ease of an integrated system.

The Advantage

IMSA companies are dedicated software developers with distinct specialties. Our focused commitment to software development benefits the end user with the finest quality products and technical support.

Through seamless data transfer, IMSA integrates the best software for each specialized discipline into a comprehensive suite dedicated to productivity and cost effectiveness.

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